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A. Rusty Rogers, Ph.D. - Associate Attorney

A. Rusty Rogers, Ph.D.

Associate Attorney


As an attorney having special expertise in the chemical arts, Rusty prepares and prosecutes domestic and international patent applications, assess non-infringement of new product launches and invalidity of competitor patents, and conducts prior art searches and landscape patent surveys.


Having extensive technical background, Rusty is well suited to negotiate with patent examiners and obtain an optimal patent right on new technologies.  His legal experience in procuring patent rights includes various technologies, including wellbore fluid formulations, downhole tools and measurement software, polymer synthesis methods, polymer additives, crystal modifiers, 3D printing technologies and tailored polymers, small molecule synthesis, proteins and biologics, microarray and microfluidics, water treatment compositions and methods, and medical devices.


Prior to embarking on his legal career, Rusty was a scientist in polymer and biotechnology academic research for over seven (7) years.  As a postdoctoral fellow in the bioengineering department, Rusty participated in a multidisciplinary team in the field of immunofluorescence, developing multiplexed biomarker detection techniques based on DNA-modified antibodies for sequence-specific labeling of markers on fixed mammalian cells.  Rusty’s doctoral dissertation at Rice University focused on studying cooperativity and collective behavior in multi-enzyme complexes involved in intracellular transport using “bottom-up” design methods based on self-assembling proteins and oligonucleotides.  Prior to this, Rusty was an undergraduate researcher at the University of Houston and studied surface-based reversible fragmentation and addition (“RAFT”) polymerization of ultrathin polymer brush films.  His technical experience further included a summer research assistant position with the Baylor College of Medicine characterizing peptide-based antigen recognition motifs using ELISA and microfluidic SPR.   


Rusty is a member of Houston Intellectual Property Lawyers Association and American Intellectual Property Law Association.  Whenever he has some spare time, Rusty enjoys bouldering, biking, weight lifting, beer brewing, and spending time with his family.



Licensed to practice in Texas

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



J.D., University of Houston Law Center

Ph.D. (Chemistry) – Rice University, Houston, Texas

M.A. (Chemistry) – Rice University, Houston, Texas

B.S. (Chemistry) magna cum laude – University of Houston, Houston, Texas




Dzifa Duose, Ryan Schweller, Jan Zimak, Arthur R. Rogers, Walter Hittleman, Michael R. Diehl, 2012; Configuring Robust DNA Strand Displacment Reaction for In Situ Molecular Analyses, Nucleic Acids Research, 40, 7, 3289-3298.


Jonathan Driver, D. Kenneth Jamison, Kathartik Uppulury, Arthur R. Rogers, Anatoly Kolomeisky, Michael R. Diehl, 2011, Productive Cooperation Among Processive Motors Depends Inversely on Their Mechanochemical Efficiency. Biophysical Journal, 101, 386-395.


Kenneth Jamison, Jonathan Driver, Arthur R. Rogers, Pamela E. Constantinou, Michael R. Diehl; Two Kinesins Transport Cargo Primarily via the Action of One Motor: Implications for Intracellular Transport, Biophysical Journal, 2010, 99, 9, 2967-2977


Jonathan W. Driver, Arthur R. Rogers, D. Kenneth Jamison, Rahul Das, Anatoly Kolomeisky, and Michael R. Diehl; Coupling Between Motor Proteins Determines the Dynamic Behaviors of Motor Protein Assemblies, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2010, 12, 10398-10405


Arthur R. Rogers, Jonathan W. Driver, Pamela E. Constantinou, D. Kenneth Jamison, and Michael R. Diehl; *Negative Interference Dominates Collective Transport of Kinesin Motors in the Absence of Load, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2009, 11, 4882 - 488 *Cover Article


Mary Beth Brinkman, Melanie A. McGill, Jonas Pettersson, Arthur R. Rogers, Petra Matejkova, David Smajs, George M. Weinstock, Steven J. Norris, and Timothy Palzkill, A Novel Treponema pallidum Antigen, TP0136, is an Outer Membrane Protein that Binds Human Fibronectin, Infection and Immunity, 2008, 76, 1848





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  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Diagnostic
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Devices
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical




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